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Saturday, May 18, 2013


  1. there is something about you that p*** me off. At the peak of it all, I shirk away. I crawl back into my own Self.
  2. That his dwindling performance left her feeling so terribly unspent, she let him go when he nosedived at their peak
  3. For example. ": prompts for ex, vex, apex & sex tagging for "
  4. 'The Apex of your thighs is where my rainbow ends and the pot o' gold lies.' She told him to shut up and get on with it.
  5. alwidah-at the table for two: nadir & zenith tears & sighs murmurs & shouts later they parted leaving the candle to flicker
  6. That moment, that feeling, that craving, that lust-- it could've been more. Ever since, they have not spoken.
  7. Piss off, Romeos. Juliet's gotten to be CEO. And she didn't get there by dying for her one true love.
  8. the ex president was brought down to earth when he doffed his uniform. christine keeler had no role in it.


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