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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


  1. Has any son of man living under the sun noticed some resemblance between extra-moral features of Altaf Hussain and Rajinikanth?
  2. *Playing scrabble* She: Wanna swap tiles? He: Sure sunshine. But I got two "P" She: The toilet's over there
  3. :) RT : Sometimes I wake up grouchy. Other times I let him sleep.
  4. I want to No,I really do to run to you Embrace you Without the stench Of distrust Be under one sun You And I Sans the usual puns
  5. Run run run Run to the sun Run in the sun Run as you can As if you won Run run run There is no pun in this run So just Run
  6. tired after a long drive, he returned to his car when he read the neon sign behind the front desk that said WELCUM
  7. RT ‏ Saw a kidnapping today. Decided not to wake him up though...
  8. thanks : Prompts for sun, pun, fun. tagging for prev anthos here


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