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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


  1. the Americans bombed away while the radio played the classic 'ae watan k sajeele jwanon' P.S this has been a sad TS for me.
  2. RT : Radio Frequency Unknown Moses asked God about pakistan. I am ambivalent. Next question?
  3. We and our inventions - like lava and auroras - are parts of nature: like imagination and illusion; like meaning itself.
  4. "I have great expectations." "I have sense and sensibility." And thus Dracula was born.
  5. She hit puberty with a vengeance. Men coveted her, women befriended her. She couldn't wait to see what menopause bought.
  6. The chubby girl from high school was now a classic bombshell; it was her turn to treat him with radio-silence.
  7. friend 1: stop fantasizing. you just heard her voice friend 2: true, but she sounded so monroesque.
  8. thanks : Prompts for classic/ bombshell/ radio.Tagging for . prev anthos here


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