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Monday, May 13, 2013


  1. Broken up pieces do not get put back right, it's time to forget the games and move along on a merrier path.
  2. umar-e-daraaz maang ke laaye the chaar din do aarzoo mein kat gaye do intezaar mein
  3. To go through the farcical trouble of being born
  4. The 7deadly sins:gluttony made her gorge on the eclairs tone deafening all else.she sucked it up like a good deep throat vindication
  5. Escorts were dressed & primped & lined up for the gala, hoping to be chosen. Ivan, the business magnate, chose the one with the lisp.
  6. The rivers were combining at the sea and the forests were happy. John, the lumberjack, named his firstborn "Ka-ching."
  7. The small town of Cheechun ki Maliyan was bombarded with bon bons. Heidi, the supermodel, would've preferred grilled chicken nuggets.
  8. While developing his latest robot, Dr. Frankenstein misplaced his own misgivings. Hamlet, the robot, was always looking for approval.
  9. He lived in a post apocalyptic world where the only water left was Gatorade. Magoo, the chimp, was unhappy with synthetic bananas.
  10. It's 2 am and the power cuts are back. The farce continues as the comedy evolves into a tragedy.The poet cries:پھر اگلی رت کی فکر کرو
  11. : "if democracy does not evolve, and devolve then it becomes a tragedy doing tango on farce's head without music.'
  12. : for Prompts: evolution, tragedy, farce my two word long book - 'election 2013'
  13. as we dance around the issue / you & i / faking gains among the ether / you & i / lose
  14. All the world's a stage And all the men, women merely players One man in his time plays many parts But sadly, evolution eludes him
  15. the human ego has increased in inverse proportion to the species ability to cope with it
  16. the human species has evolved a harder head than any other, primarily from its habit of running into solid objects
  17. Prompts: evolution, tragedy, farce. Tagging for . Good hunting!


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