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Monday, May 06, 2013


  1. reasonable query. pak awam asks the same question@HawkesBay: can someone tell me who's screwing who out here?
  2. RT : "I dwell in Possibility... / The spreading wide my narrow Hands / To gather Paradise –" Emily Dickinson
  3. For every drop of blood that dries, For every day and night that sighs. I miss you and love you. Much like the love of God.
  4. "The scent of a bloodshed" breaks all records at the box office.
  5. Gently he touched her arm, ran his fingers oer her buttery skin. His tongue traced her lips.He spat.The glossy poster tasted of glue.
  6. plant a fuse beside my heart / i want you to blow me, baby
  7. "“The only regret I will have in dying is if it is not for the love of Emir.” (sorry Gabe)
  8. since the TTP takeover, in the Emitrate of Pakistan love and compassion are extinct, smiling is a crime
  9. A sleep before having lived; a life cut short in its prime.
  10. can someone tell me who's screwing who out here?
  11. in the evil hour, the general in his labyrinth will chronicle a death foretold, and live to tell the tale
  12. believe in love; let it burn down everything you've ever known. Let it leave you bereft and new.
  13. only a very patient man would chose to have his Woodstock in heaven
  14. Think of love as being in niqaab, not showing off anything but what is in the heart and mind, that modest look in the eyes.
  15. You are pre-affirmed, pre-ordained, pre-contextualized, our aim is to be ubiquitous. Men and Women! I command you...Procreate
  16. prompts for : love (in) times (of) taliban. tagging for 514


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