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Saturday, May 04, 2013


  1. Too boho to be among the lesser mortals, they ditched the lemmings to the Golden State. Avoided both the gold rush & the earthquake
  2. asad ham vuh junuuN-jaulaaN gadaa-e be-sar-o-paa haiN / kih hai sar-panjah-e mizhgaan-e aahuu pusht-khaar apna
  3. Her eyes were darker than a Brooklyn rental contract, then she moved to L.A. There was also sex.
  4. He took her bovine looks =stupidity; big mistake.California CarnivoreClub,under her=from ambivalent2positivelyenthusiastic re humans.
  5. Frum and Floozy polling towns, fornicating making merry, round and round the monkey goes, pop goes the cherry
  6. otoh, the strabismical CJ from balochistan, (no california, you bet) is neither a boho nor a bozo. just a closet fundo
  7. researchers at harvard have found the austrian immigrant who retired as governor of california is not a boho, but a bozo.


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