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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


  1. Oblivion is the sharp turn that leads to the precipice from whence I fly
  2. Himavant and Arete were soulmates who never met. Oblivious of their origins, today, one flows into a river and the other in a word.
  3. "Ganga was sunken, & the limp leaves / Waited for rain, while the black clouds / Gathered far distant, over Himavant." The Wasteland
  4. everest declaration: i am arete in greek & french unlike fickle men i stand my ground
  5. Two Nandas howl an emptiness vast as a bottomless abyss, steeped in guns or glory, fire and ice
  6. nuture's nature needs a knack / for natures nurtured with no tact / know a world that is too dark
  7. sound bites stating the obvious pollute the heights of language
  8. Their unrelenting egos, continually eroding their persons, finally culminated in a peak of self-destruction, never to be remembered.
  9. RT "No amount of effort can save you from oblivion." A peek inside Kurt Cobain's letters
  10. Pliss to RT prompts: Arete; Himalaya; oblivion.
  11. a chameleon set free in mountains white; unable to fold into unknown folds...deceives itself , goes plain green.
  12. Prompts for from : Areté, Himalaya, oblivion. Pls RT.


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