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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


thanks to all the contributors who  have managed to make this a pleasurable effort.
  1. His hand held hers. Their spirits soared. Love in the time of the Nuclear Winter.
  2. "I chuffed away half my life trying to find the elusive poles of her existence, only to realize that the axis passed through me."
  3. mid life crisis:she gave in to pressure & joined a rishta site asking for serious, short formal men. a penguin replied
  4. "Honey, I'm home! I brought you a baby seal" "Oh dear, I know you spent half your life in travel, but I had asked for a baby penguin"
  5. There are no liners sailin tween the two docks darlin, given the 500 years between us.
  6. heartfelt thanks to each and every one of the contributors from the past : Felicitations&Greetings on reaching :)
  7. by half of 3 score & 10 she had conquered everest, k2 and n. pole the south pole tantalized but for the head-on...
  8. thanks for the good work : prompts for chuffed; half life; South Pole tagging for
  9. Hope won't make you happy, happiness make nothing half-meaningful nor faith teach how love feels at the poles.


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