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Monday, April 22, 2013


  1. Life is one big crowd. Yet we are all alone.
  2. lost in thoughts, in the middle of nowhere, he heard the call from distant minarets and felt like waltzing.
  3. "where were you on the night of june the 3rd?" Outside I was calm & singular. but inside I was all percussion, horns & woodwinds.
  4. Its beautiful when it rains. What's haunting is that each drop has a different tale.
  5. She listened to his sonatas.She sang her own cantatas. So they danced. To the chorus of their lives. And the silence of their love.
  6. RT : Moods are orchestral, feelings are solos.
  7. Thank you for tagging me. Prompts for solo,orchestra,memories . Pl RT. . RT on


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