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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


  1. You will Never be capable Of Understanding My Tempers For A wall Separates us
  2. They had to kill the singer, in the name of God. In the name of God they couldn't incarcerate the fiercely beautiful voice.
  3. A fortressed city can still burn up from inside; the recurring drama of human pride and folly seeks a charred rendition.
  4. Taan Sen couldn't survive.Had he been alive today,he'd 've already died a thousand times listening to Tootak Tootak Tootia only once.
  5. fortress mentality of totem pole - masada, israel thich quang duk, vietnam tibetan buddhists bombed orphans raped women
  6. Passion set her world on fire Bored in a forest as she were From the fort fell down her tresses To bring prince charming up to her
  7. Sadly, he couldn't take refuge in his wild interpretation of "the volcano's fiery discharge comprised of hot lava" in Geography class
  8. In a moonlit yard he fortified the grass-grown walls of roofless palaces as if a horsetail bow & catgut strings had made stones sing.
  9. the USRaj loathes dirty hands. it asks her colonized collaborators to shake up the suspects. all men are not created equal
  10. fortress/ fiery / rendition tagging for . Pls RT. Thanks!


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