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Monday, April 15, 2013


  2. If there's one fly in the ointment, it's that you'll have sudden stage fright, and then you can say goodbye to your oratory career
  3. adrenaline rush .. fear & flight! they had entered the witness protection program ...
  4. overcoming her fears she went skydiving ... it was the swan song ... she was her daddy's girl
  5. : : Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the exit control room at the airport on May 12, 2013
  6. :) : It is fear that makes me fly forward into the fiery flames of farewell. Our foolish fun is too fiesty for the fools.
  7. To join the mile high club or not? had more on her plate than the exigencies of feminism. It was happy hour.
  8. It was the fear of flying that kept her chaste; all her village suitors were dead-ends. (With due apologies to Erica)
  9. The apprehension buzzed in the air like flies over a carcass, rendering their first date too gross for a parting kiss.
  10. hehe. The is a series of stories fit in 140 characters. Thankfully I do not have to kill Cockroach today!
  11. there's a chipkali uncle in my bathroom that's making your cockroach look like a butterfly! *freaked out face*
  12. If I stay I pay a price so high it makes me cry. A vice so dark, it leaves a mark. On my soul. Carves a whole. To Kill A Cockroach.
  13. It is the spirit of gravity and not the fear of flying that transforms some of us into accidental boles and blooms.
  14. "We would be feared & revered if we didn't give long speeches at the end." Lex Luther, Commencement Address, Super Villain Convention
  15. As soon as they exited earth's orbit, a bleak time tunnel stared em in face. "Tenu le k jana main Mianwaali" played in the background
  16. "I hate good byes," were the last words the black box recorded.
  17. I like such openness in prompts as opposed to ones like Moulin Rouge! :) “: Prompts for : fear, fly, farewell. Pls RT.”
  18. The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred by their boners
  19. Cinderella wiped the dead fly off the sink. "WHERE IS MY RAISIN SALAD!" came the cry. A sly grin from Fairy Godmother. Little wins.
  20. It is fear that makes me fly forward into the fiery flames of farewell. Our foolish fun is too fiesty for the fools.
  21. Drowning in the lake of dreams, have you ever heard.. The echoes of a thousand snores, all undeterred?
  22. The King faces an end, he robbed them all enough. His soul transcends, as blood fills his cough. So they pray & bow, scared shitless.
  23. I sit on the wall, perched to attack. Your unsuspecting wounds, my tongue like a tack. I am the pestilence. And you're out of Mortein
  24. thanks : Prompts for : fear, fly, farewell. prev. anthologies here
  25. : I fear if i say farewell to all the flying fucks i gave those fuckers will comeback .
  26. ; horror turned to terror as the plummeting para glider realised that during flight and fall; his fly was open to the earth
  27. Prompts for : fear, fly, farewell. Pls RT.


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