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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


  1. the victim didn't require the attack, but the attack did require the victim
  2. sex at noon taxes ... so don't just moan & groan ... god dammit maybe postpone!
  3. can you ask a drone or a drone striker: madam I'm Adam..
  4. A Toyota's a Toyota. A drone's a drone. Was it a car, or a cat I saw?
  5. 'Presenting complaint?' 'Peyronie's Disease, Sir' murmured the medical student. 'As I pee,sir,I see Pisa!' the patient moaned.
  6. never odd or even talat & her pup dumb mud gods dog scared of cats arrrrrgh
  7. thanks prompts are drones, groans, palindromes tagging for prev. anthos:
  8. thanks Prompts for : Jacob's ladder, bain-marie, a character from some fairytale Tagging for


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