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Monday, March 25, 2013


  1. her dance; a dance of death a dance for life spinning at the edge; the precipice from whence she extends everywhere
  2. this love could hurt .. am brave .. and scared .. yet smile and sway .. yes! let it play ...
  3. thanks prompts .. yggdrasil, pavane, desiderata-tagging for prev anthos
  4. Under the Indian Rosewood. His long emerald plumage. Spreads out to dazzle. No one watches. But the peacock's show. Must go on.
  5. ruknay ke nahi ja, uth bhi chuko insha jee chaloo haan tum bhi chalo aur saath chalay dukhta howa mun aati hai pawan, jaati hai pawan
  6. as aaron watches/ rumi whirls/ round n round/ fusing Him n me/ and you n her/ without moses' staff


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