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Friday, March 22, 2013


  1. Cannabis use may lead to space-time elongation, paroxysmal laughter & cardiovascular excitability.
  2. That Time When we Fell In Love.. I didn't know You would Devour My entire Being Without Remorse You Laugh At me: Naive Stupid Me.
  3. Yes Sir! Not a mere bagatelle, and it implored me - I was utterly besides myself - to write the reluctant pudendamentalist
  4. "I'm hearing this Clark Kent is a big afeemchi type," said Chaudhry Vaqar, the new owner of the Daily Planet.
  5. poke toke coke/ ain't no joke/ apple a day/ makes a day/ study hard/ go forward
  6. One cup of coffee and a whole world can become irrelevant. All it takes is a conversation.
  7. thanks Prompts for : comic book, cannabis, CV. tagging for . prev anthos here
  8. Prompts for : comic book, cannabis, CV. Pls RT.


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