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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


  1. But by the time the food packs, med aids and wishes had passed on from the West to the East, the concern had lost its potency.
  2. these prompts-privilege, irony and lost-remind me of portraits of nawaz sharif & that of the ghostly BB in the background
  3. the sword of Damocles hangs heavy over the world
  4. 'that's so ironical!' she squealed in response to his sarcasm, promptly losing any chance with him
  5. wealthy kids spend their life complaining to their friends about their parents, never realizing that the friends are more destructive
  6. Former PM Tony Blair says life in Iraq is not what he hoped it would be when he decided to invade 10 yrs ago
  7. prompts: privilege; irony; lost


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