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Saturday, February 23, 2013


  1. Prompts for from : malapropism, home run, meta. Pls RT.
  2. "Tu nishaan e haazme aali naan, arz e istaqbaal....Saaarey kabootar halaal" And so the little boy ended his irrational anthem
  3. Weekend's here. Let's dent a movie, hand make some popporn
  4. conservative to cunjervative/ newcon to oldcon/ can't can't to can can/ take this as a confession or cuntfession
  5. Hashes to hashes, crust to crust/ Recipe didn't work, dinner went bust
  6. we belief in slam. we are very cunjervative and hospital pipple.
  7. in the collection of musical misinterpretations, Hendrix's 'kiss this guy' wipes the field
  8. Japanese had to shut down their nuclear power pants after the biggest leek in the century
  9. going DOWN on an escalator or an elevator? falling IN but not OUT of love? coining, coinage, conundrum. run home and hide
  10. "We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile." George W. Bush
  11. Sherlock missed a home run when he misunderestimated the robbery suspect's erotic behavior and flailed to get him metarrested
  12. thanks : Prompts for : malapropism, home run, meta. previous TS anthologies here
  13. She included incorrect baseball references in her stories to catch his apprehension.


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