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Monday, February 18, 2013


Freedom was a disposable intangible, 1 easily replaced by the idea of safety. With 1 box of chocolates, his stalker had taken control #TS436
  1. It can suck you into a hole. The way you can't stop eating Snickers. Like facebooking. That's what loving him was like.
  2. Meray des ka biscuit Gala.
  3. one out of two is not bad when one stalks a chocolate heiress;)
  4. thanks : prompts for freedom, stalker, chocolates. Tagging for .prev. TS anthos here
  5. Mao promised paternal care & just desserts at the end of the Long March. one outta two ain't bad.
  6. trying to pin a definition on love is like looking for an orgasm in chocolate
  7. for example prompts were zun, zar, zameen. I was tagged for prompts and I gave freedom, stalkers and chocolates.
  8. freedom, stalker, chocolates. Tagging for


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