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Thursday, February 14, 2013


  1. Mark my words: To make way for a better civilisation, this one must end.
  2. I live two hundred miles from the nearest toilet bowl, please keep your intellectual puppetry rites to yourself.
  3. From : Prompts for bourgeois/ nihilist/ ink.
  4. : Prompts for bourgeois/ nihilist/ ink.
  5. Prompts for bourgeois/ nihilist/ ink. Tagging for cc:
  6. qalamullah mehsud, the taliban chieftain with ink stained fingers had blood on his hands-the blood of his innocent victims
  7. Each disfigured smear on her ink blot test looked like a different piece of her tattered existence
  8. thanks prompts for bourgeois/ nihilist/ ink. previous TS anthologies here
  9. It was to be a marriage of convenience; a high-profile one at that. The pre-nup agreement was straight out of hell, too.
  10. scratching one's own back is tiresome ... best i could do for a cause
  11. qaasid ke aate aate khat ik aur likh rakhuuN / maiN jaantaa huuN jo vuh likheNge javaab meN
  12. Prompts for from : bourgeois, nihilist, ink. Please RT.


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