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Sunday, February 10, 2013


  1. The phoenix spontaneously combusts into the mysteries of the other world, but then yearning for life, reincarnates from its own ashes
  2. the ceremony was going swimmingly til the balloon of corn syrup & red dye exploded, sending Sigmund into an irreversible regression
  3. when unable to move beyond provision of primary needs, people revert to traditions to create a sense of insular security
  4. on her 78th b'day, g'mother declared she'd found a man who made her hot, horny & heart-sick crazy. mother blanched. g'father did not
  5. Her transcendence on deadpan left many filled with nostalgia for Seinfeld. Some said it was the rebirth of the golden age of humor.
  6. Plant ur head in the sands of nostalgia and let strange fruit grow from your toes ad let ur yesterdays ripen them in to ur tomorrows
  7. She stepped out of her skin and was able to fly. It was not her turn to fall.
  8. Prompts for from : rebirth, transcendence, nostalgia. Pls RT.
  9. have we evolved? even if the prophets would return, the extremists would eliminate them
  10. thanks : Prompts for Rebirth ,Transcendence, Nostalgia tagging for .
  11. : Constant buzz in my head. A BP prob, says the doc. But I get flashes of a past life, when I was a fly.
  12. Fat poet in white pyjamas, women who become dewy eyed when listening to bad poetry, Disco pains
  13. thanks Prompts for : Obama, loves, Osama.T. Tag for . prev TS anthos here


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