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Saturday, February 09, 2013


  1. RT : I think I have to say it today, nation. I loved Osama. So he had to go -bo
  2. The visa was declined. Amma insists 'Confusion hogai thi- Obama ya Osama'. I think it had more to do with her missing out on soapies
  3. and speaking of love, who loves the other more? Osama or Obama?
  4. somewhere on a lonely beach, a fallen lion cries. what is he without his lioness?
  5. Killing was holy to one, duty to the other. But when fresh gods are forged at the hands of men, duty trumps divinity
  6. Dear TS walas, do me the honor of tagging me when fresh prompts are out. I oft miss the party for being forgetful
  7. "I shot the sheriff. But I didn't shoot the deputy. I shot the sheriff. BUT I DIDN'T SHOOT THE DEPUTY."
  8. My Bloody Valentine - come back tour
  9. Today's prompts for from : Obama, loves, Osama. Pls RT.
  10. for the military-industrial complex osama is like the english king. the king is dead, long live the king .
  11. thanks Prompts for : Obama, loves, Osama.T. Tag for . prev TS anthos here
  12. Ta may to; Ta mah to. Pa tay to; Po tah to. Who's to judge.
  13. They thought it'd make for a great World Peace campaign for Valentine's Day. But someone messed the agenda. Ka-boom!
  14. "Draw your sword and I'll draw mine. We'll have ourselves a merry old time".
  15. muslim on muslim porn is all the rage nowadays...
  16. The year of the election she wrote a story about a boy with the face of a monster.
  17. Prompts for from : Obama, loves, Osama. Pls RT.

    Prompts for : Obama, loves, Osama. Pl RT. Tag for


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