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Friday, February 08, 2013


  1. How many years will the poor child cry before he is awwll bone-dry; THE ANSWER MA FRIEND IS PRAYIN' N da wind. Allah khair karega.
  2. in the shower he hummed/ the toast is in the toaster/ money in the bank/ music in the mind...:)
  3. :) : after years on ice, dylan's contributions spawned a whole new generation of beverly hilbelievers
  4. Dylan B. Beard shared parks with junkies at night and spent days looking for food at shrines. 'Lahore' he thought 'keeps you alive.'
  5. robert allen zimmerman, born jew, turned christian in 70s, said, "The songs are my lexicon. I believe the songs."
  6. His iTunes is his emotion bank; each playlist his belief. Sometimes I spy, to read his mind. Does he love me, or is it Dylan?
  7. thanks Prompts for : bank, Dylan, belief. tagging for . prev. TS anthos here
  8. "No belief in my ability to kill eh?", asked the robber.The bank manager smiled & raised her arm which had the word "Dylan" tattooed.
  9. "Travel and society polish one, but a rolling stone gathers no moss, & a little moss is a good thing on a man." - Burroughs
  10. If you see her say hello. Tell her I'm still tangled up in blue on desolation row.
  11. after years on ice, dylan's contributions spawned a whole new generation of beverly hilbelievers
  12. I believe he rock-and-rolled all the way to the bank?
  13. "Hating his God but what he was was plain: a cold kind man brave in his burning pride"
  14. His jaw was a bank of deadly bacteria. It's a common belief in the town that one bite is enough to kill ♪ "And Dylan was his namo" ♫
  15. In the end it all came down to Dylan Sander's arts. They were banking on her kung fu, but they didn't believe she could pull it off
  16. in the murk of milkwood, faith hoards dreams for a flat rate
  17. Mr. Dylan feels guilty when the money,robbed from the bank which has his account,funds extremists. This belief fattens his mattress.
  18. Dylan's emotional bank account,with her,had depleted a long time ago.He recently tried to cash a check.She looked @ him in disbelief.
  19. Mr. Tambourine man, I believe you.surely, my credit is still good with you? .
  20. If you are reading this, I'd like my Wonderboys back please.
  21. his swiss bank account is still in the name of Robert Zimmerman because he really doesnt believe that strongly gonna kill me
  22. Prompts from serial TSer bank, Dylan, belief
  23. Walked inside an alien world today. Now I'm home, safe, listening to music. Telling myself I haven't sold out.
  24. She had the recipe for a perfect child. Another day, another sperm bank. Those seeking perfection are never easily satisfied.
  25. I like big butts and I cannot lie.
  26. Prompts for : bank, Dylan, belief. Pls RT.


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