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Thursday, February 07, 2013


  1. The war of words had barely started between them and she was already pouring out a deluge of tears
  2. When their worlds collided everything sparkled. Then the flood of lies, the countless disappointments. She wanted to kill him.
  3. Prompts for from : antediluvian, Lebenswelt, war.
  4. tazkirah oos qayamat ka/ ya zik'r is qayamat ka/ maazi aur mustaqbil donON/ haiN meh'v e gharq ghubaar maiN
  5. sinking slowly, drifting closer, standing at the floodgates of dreams - i rest
  6. : flash fiction. 3 prompts given daily. weave fiction around it. search . What's ? I feel like I'm ...
  7. wah! : life starts with a bang, and ends with adult diapers
  8. no matter how imaginative one is, i cannot think of anarkali doing jub pyar kiya tou darnakiya in bell bottoms
  9. thanks prompts for antedilluvian, Lebenswelt, war. tagging for ;) prev TS anthos here
  10. 'love & laughter, & peace ever after' sang Vera Lynn. God rest their souls, they believed her.
  11. War and Trigonometry Were the only two things that gave ancient Egyptians boners
  12. life starts with a bang, and ends with adult diapers
  13. Roses are red violets are blue "" Happen when you don't let me roll around naked with you
  14. An internal war was waged- belief that I know the words and knowing that I don't. Ego doesn't always win.
  15. I just had sex and it felt so good.
  16. The kind of words that cause wars between the touchscreen and autocorrect, these.
  17. stop complaining woman! antedilluvian, Lebenswelt, war


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