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Monday, February 04, 2013


  1. She looked at the rows of cereal boxes. Picking one was impossible. Her brain- now a soggy mush of cocoa pops and milk.
  2. The same snap crackle pop every time they met. If only she could forget.
  3. Prompts for from the faraway : cereal, serial, amnesia. Pls RT.
  4. Always remember, the trick lies in passing off a typo as a pun.
  5. John's ritual involved consuming a huge bowl of Frosties after every kill. It helped him forget the atrocity he had just committed.
  6. pity alzheimer's. pa cheerfully would ask for bundy instead of kellogs.
  7. Refused to eat.Took yrs for him to like cereals.The blow on d head led to amnesia.Her married life was now a new series altogethr.
  8. He'd make breakfast for her every hour, every day. Such was his love, which her forgetful brain would never understand
  9. thanks : prompts: cereal, serial, amnesia tagging for . prev TS anthos here
  10. prompts: cereal, serial, amnesia May the odds be ever in your favor.


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