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Sunday, February 03, 2013


  1. She was praying for less marks,not the largesse.It was pimple marks she was referring to.This ad theme wrote their success story.
  2. Each flaw she eliminated in him appeared as a blemish on her face. It was only curiosity that allowed him to live.
  3. Prompts for from : pimple, invidious, largesse. Pls RT.
  4. You do have a cleavage, who cares which way it's facing.
  5. our petulant ms. Fit ignored her parents generosity and pouted all through the coming out party. Damn those pimples.
  6. He was giving away gifts to the poor kids. Once again, the green-eyed monster sat on her shoulders and gave her goose pimples.
  7. They light her tampons at the alter of satan instead of candles .
  8. "Escape route this way!" exclaimed the sign, its wrought-iron finger spinning wildly. The heaving earth swallowed her screaming curse.
  9. : Guilt trips were her mom's forte. They'd erupt and leave their marks, like acne.
  10. thanks x H Swift prompts: pimple; largess; invidious: tagging for


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