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Saturday, February 02, 2013


  1. "Don't touch me!" She glanced behind & suddenly stiffened. Midas sighed. He'd forgotten to warn that Medusa was right behind her.
  2. it was not a strip poker game. she consented, he lost - it all
  3. After the third round of drinks, he walked up to the night, knocked a few times and then fell off the chair.
  4. On the bench, holding hands - cant afford the heart to flutter- golden couples all around the park. In their love, is a calm!
  5. :) : RT : Kabhi aar kabhi paar laga teer-e-nazar...
  6. RT : Kabhi aar kabhi paar laga teer-e-nazar...
  7. "Phasers on stun." Darkness. No release. Not yet.
  8. The gilded words meant nothing anymore, he held no sway over her senses; that life was snuffed. He left the key under the windowsill.
  9. They drop amidst the staccato of gun fire, each of us gets a bronze statue, more heroes and more worship more enemies more gunfire
  10. In his endless glee, he gilded time and then turned stone. Forever.
  11. He danced in his Dionysian insanity and then tipped the dust, to be dust thus.
  12. Midas Jewellers present an exciting array of 24k gold rats! Buy one & get a blue-ink rat tat on yr butt for free!
  13. thanks prompts - excitement , rat a tat tat, Midas. any volunteers for ? prev anthos here
  14. Smiles tickle the heart. Till its laughter. Gold plates. The achy rust of memories.
  15. She didn't regret pulling the trigger. He was always a little too rich for her taste.
  16. Prompts for from : excitement, rat a tat tat, Midas. Pls RT.
  17. it was the hair trigger on the magic wand that put the cat amongst the pigeons. from then on it was a free for all....
  18. an insatiable desire to conquer deadens the senses, leaving the world faded and mute
  19. your touch holds no thrill, causes no pitter patter in my heart


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