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Thursday, January 31, 2013


  1. The true nature of her mockery was not so ghastly. She merely wanted to point out his abnormally large nose
  2. "No place for a blush in the Dance of the Daggers, woman! Stay focused on your throws, not their stares."
  3. To make the dull evening interesting, he stabbed himself. He thought his lifeline had him covered
  4. the mime in his prime/ danced on a dime/ leaned on the glass wall/ not too sublime/ flew down ten floors/ screening his lifetime
  5. thanks Prompts for macabre, burlesque, intrinsic. Tagging for prev.TS antho here
  6. It was intrinsic / He knew the way to break the silence/ A macabre tale .
  7. the gentle puppeteer cuts his fingers, loses some skin in the absurd theatre of life
  8. Not all agree but intrinsic to Goth is not intensity but frivolity! The soul is enriched by ridiculing the tangible self!
  9. An evening at the south of null, we shared every truth feeling vapid and hollow, so we braced for the suffering of death.
  10. : Prompts for macabre, burlesque, intrinsic. Pls RT.


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