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Monday, January 28, 2013


  1. participated in a few dashes/ leaving behind the brashes / certain to be reduced to ashes /it was a bust / now in dust.
  2. embers of his empire/ by the dying campfire/ should the bard write/ an elegy/ or a eulogy
  3. Hugh Hefner's worst nightmare was coming true. His ship sinking;his floatation device not nearby. Pamela Anderson had bailed on him.
  4. heh : RIP Daryl - Crashed his truck while ogling a woman
  5. thanks Prompts for - bashes to ashes, bust to dust. tagging for for tomorrow:)
  6. Tomorrow or the near future will bring him up close & personal to the bitter truth. The amazing bargain was in fact a stolen car.
  7. Embarrassing her nemesis was a worldly desire, so naturally the vibhuti restrained her from doing so
  8. The rookie carpenter's happiness was bordering on arrogance. The chair he just finished stored a surprise. A termite infestation.
  9. The lifeless eyes asked just one question: "Why?" A mother had just smothered her child.
  10. "Oh snap", said Death. A boy had just been administered a tetanus vaccine. Death: "Back to the drawing board for poor old me then."
  11. A spoon dug an elaborate scheme. That hid behind a movie poster, which the greedy gaoler took. Plan to escape foiled in an instant.
  12. from a tiny speck of light bloom worlds of possibility - extinguished one by one, until only the one is left
  13. It was beginner's luck. A symbol of pride. A house of cards. 4 hours worth. Brought back to humble beginnings by my little niece. :)
  14. It was just another dead-end, she knew these self prophecies always came to fruition, somehow always when least expected.
  15. The unconventionaI demolition of the towers did not quite go as planned...
  16. RIP Daryl - Crashed his truck while ogling a woman
  17. Thank you. Let unfold. today. For tomorrow's : rabbit hole, birthday girl, to die for
  18. Zigzag memory the picture of another life. Someone grows, someone dies.
  19. Prompts for from : bashes to ashes, bust to dust. Pls RT.
  20. Prompts for - bashes to ashes, bust to dust RT pls


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