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Saturday, January 26, 2013


  1. Her rough fingers traced the shawl she ironed. Warm, soft, forbidden...Back home the wheat was golden. But home wasn't home anymore.
  2. the astute plan to install venturi tubes at the Pak / India talks resulted in a significant increase in fertilizer production
  3. Mildly cold January night. Shinning moon growing in your room window. Tina humming in darkness the magic spell of Faiz. And Chanel 5.
  4. kuch hawa maiN khunki ho/ kuch tumhari qurbat ho/ darmian humaray kham'ashi ho/ aur srif ik pashmina ho
  5. The ritual for the post-harvest parties, was that any woman who'd see the other in an ordinary shawl, would scream blue murder.
  6. Their intoxicated rhythms entwine in a proximity of passions. Later, he would recall the touch of pashmina and sweet fatigue
  7. he said he could show her how to test a real pashmina. caution: be careful, burn a fibre, not the village.
  8. As the cold wind came howling through the broken gates, he wrapped a few words around him and planted his dreams within
  9. If you stare long at this stump it may grow and give fruit and blossom, and beckon to it weavers and perfumers, or it may not
  10. thanks : Prompts for Harvest, Pashmina, Noise tagging for . prev TS anthos here
  11. it was him on the road with his scent of winter but she couldn't see him, being caught up in the jangle of her corporate coggery.
  12. Twilights are gloomier than usual, the wind too cold, the planes lay timid for a grand fissure; this must be the season for sacrifice
  13. Neil Young on the stereo, the glow of a fire. Two people sit alone with their interconnected conversations.
  14. Prompts for from : harvest, pashmina, noise. Pls RT.
  15. Reaping d reward of labor they rejoiced.She quietly lit d bonfire.Dreaming of pashmina.Wishing it was her next gift.D favorite shawl.


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