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Friday, January 25, 2013


  1. her appalling culinary skills were always camouflaged by her uxurious charms, so they lived happily ever after!
  2. It was never easy digesting her words but he never thought they would kill him.
  3. Husband - "I knew you couldn't cook. Even the coffee tastes like shit, dear." Wife - "It's poison."
  4. old wives' tale - salt in the water suggests the apple has turned
  5. He tried to point out the outrage but only the start of desserts at the end of 77th course did the job
  6. wonders never cease. jimmy doted on julie. she was 25 years older, overweight, bad cook and housekeeper. wonders never...
  7. thanks : Prompts for uxurious , culinary , appalling tagging for .prev anthos here
  8. He courted Goldilocks, he married Goldilocks, he got rid of Goldilocks, now he is the president
  9. while the thief gorged himself til his stomach revolted, his wife gorged herself elsewhere
  10. The culinary skills were put to test /result was appalling / he was d only one who enjoyed the meal / they left/calling him uxorious.
  11. his mind convinced him; the lingering mettalic taste in her soup of the day, was not unusual
  12. Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique!
  13. She had the luxury of using as much saffron as she could, but her culinary concoctions always ended up having an appalling aftertaste


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