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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


    1. When she looked, the beautiful face stared back, mirroring her expressions, her self. Many times she bumped into her reflection.
    2. She shuddered at the agony of realization. Her universe was a mere reflection of his truth and lies.
    3. The reflection was insanely divine. He saw her glow in eternal love.
    4. The reality is there is no reality but illusion. Is this intimacy real ? Rather just a mirage
    5. gardish-e saaghar-e sad-jalvah-e rangiiN tujh se aa’iiinah-daarii-e yak diidah-e hairaaN mujh se
    6. What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare, at our reflection.
    7. The pull of the moon was too hard to resist, and so, one night, she gave in. Alas, she'd mistaken the lake for the sky. Murkiness.
    8. I couldn't wait to grow up so I could see if Id have a beautiful reflection.Im still waiting t stop hearts,your voice in your throat.
    9. He ponderously read the last line and took the last sip from his drink. And then folding his coat neatly, he jumped off the roof
    10. The 12 centimeters between him and the glass measured what he is and what he is.
    11. Her muse was the Wicked Queen. His was Narcissus. When they made love, investment bankers across the globe twitched.
    12. Meaningless attachments, unfathomable reality. A little illusion, a little escape. The truth remains blurred.
    13. : you are on a roll:) “: Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there. haha!
    14. reality is a mirage/ reflection a sabotage/ sycophants ego massage/ merrily we go on voyage
    15. : Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there. haha!
    16. Float on a dream, imagine the things that ought to be. Look at me, she says. His answer is no. There is never any truth in affection.
    17. Doppelgänger , living with it.
    18. Mirage not reality, move on!
    19. I see my reflection better in naked paintings than the mirror. And perhaps that is the relentless reality of my life.
    20. We come in three colors, like the three gulls above the horizon, like the three quarks, like me and you on a boat under a blue sky
    21. Prompts for from : reflection, reality, attachment. Pls RT.
    22. 1 day I'll no longer reflect u.I'll bury myself in2 ur golden bosom.& the reality of life shall cease to b. MoonDiaries:Letter 2 Sun.
    23. I am your reflection, becoming you in separation.
    24. excessive irritation at the news is making me a man-hater. ironically, i know the irritation would be less if i had a good man
    25. ATTACHMENT: the punjabi messiah, speaking/writing in english and urdu urges punjabis to speak up in punjabi.
    26. This life, my love, is a pageant of faces, a search for kindred voices that echo within the fugitive edifice of multivalent dreams.
    prompts: reflection; reality; attachment. Tagging for .


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