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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


  1. "If curiosity killed the Schrondinger cat, will it be dead or alive?" Johnny Bravo thought, "Hmm, that will surely win me a Nobel"
  2. You found this in Daddy’s comic books? No, you cannot use Barbarella for your Physics Project. Even if she is Queen of the Galaxy.
  3. The Mad Hatter declared a Nobel for Alice. "For believing in Wonderland." Twiddledee-dum-dee-dum.
  4. It wasn't noble to be curious, flintstones to jetsons, all knew!
  5. Thanks HB,for trusting our imaginations,for quelling our curiosity& for reminding usthat mysteries are solved when the gang splits up.
  6. tom and jerry or their pak clones sharif and zardari will ever get a nobel? chalk this digression to idle curiosity
  7. Won't you send us more of your doves and your love, wire guided, from lands afar, bearer of two crowns and twice unclothed.
  8. the animated scientist weaved through the world in pixellated bytes, lingering like an after thought
  9. their time in Sweden was one of exploration and discovery for Josie and the Pussycats
  10. : Who had imagined that a curious cat and a mimicking mouse would share the peace prize!
  11. Prompts for from : noble laureate, Hannah-Barbera, curiosity. Pls RT.
  12. oh thanks prompts for noble laureate, Hannah-Barbera, curiosity and tagging for


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