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Monday, January 21, 2013


  1. D convo shifted to politics.Dichotomy now evident b/w co-passengers on d train.Next moment blood dripped from d knife dat cut fruits.
  2. You think you know your mind. Cut open your brain and you will find nothing but contradictions.
  3. jazbah-e be-ikhtiyaar-e shauq dekhaa chaahiye siinah-e shamshiir se baahar hai dam shamshiir kaa
  4. Ashiqee sabr talab aur tamana baytab, dil ka Kia rang keroon khoon e jigar honay tak?
  5. Phir kuch iss dil ko bayqarari hai, seena joya e zakhm e kaari hai. (Ghalib ko mazrat Kay saath)
  6. Prompts for from : aortotomy, dichotomy, knife. Pls RT.
  7. "like a patient etherized" he speculated his wife's barbs could be effectively used in non invasive surgery. and she was no surgeon.
  8. His cruel words cut right into her heart. She had had enough.
  9. prompts for aortotomy. dichotomy, knife. tagging for . previous TS anthologies here


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