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Sunday, January 20, 2013


  1. She was the Hubble, he the Katie - dagga kept them the way they were
  2. She was a positivist, he a constructivist- marijuana was what prevented the relationship being an unfortunate accident.
  3. Random Strategic Essentialism: weed is cultural.
  4. He will slowly turn his gaze, from victor to vanquished, from Clavigo to Marie Beaumarchais; the desire that ruins all and trumps.
  5. he tried to construct, deconstruct and reconstruct her whims. the toke saved him from the abyss
  6. Settled over its wings, he whispered to the angel of death, “I'd like a quiet reception. Remember, Monsters cannot be announced."
  7. Time to pluck him out | He is now | The weed in my bush
  8. thanks ‏ Prompts for : marijuana, accident, Derrida. prev. anthos here
  9. She played it word for word, breaking it down till all the pieces fit... the joint was an excuse, she was always high on melancholy
  10. Prompts for : marijuana, accident, Derrida. Pls RT.


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