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Thursday, January 17, 2013


  1. He was a fire starter, she was an elf –or prepubescent girl child. Let us go with elf. This happened in Africa.
  2. The heat was always suffocating, a wild fire had already burned down all she loved. She stood on the porch and saw nothing for miles.
  3. In the winters they would light a bonfire, and she would talk about jumping into it. Now he only feels safe in summertime.
  4. The League of Extraordinary Ladies were bohemians @ heart.They liked listening 2 Mozart over a bonfire during summer nights
  5. the black saturday bush fires were not due to global warning. it was caused by a young woman lighting her sheesha.
  6. summertime,& the burnin' of ants using a magnifying glass is easy.Not a top 40 hit, but Bill Nye will definitely ask to use it.
  7. mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun - Noel Coward
  8. thanks Prompts for summertime/ pyro/ nymph i tagging for prev. TS anthos here
  9. I'll stop when I get it right, she tells herself, setting fire to every draft. In her house, it is always summer.
  10. Prompts for from : summertime, pyro, nymph. Pls RT.
  11. Apparently, "she accidentally slipped on my dick a few times" was not such a plausible explanation to give to her husband.
  12. The word "Nymph" had diff. meaning for d zoologist & his Greek scholar wife.His obsession with'em brought out d pyromaniac in her.
  13. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely & temperate. So go to the kitchen if you may. And make me a salad plate
  14. Prompts for summertime/ pyro/ nymph tagging for Pls RT


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