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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


  1. '5' she said, looking at the young surfer. 'Out of 10?' I asked.' 'Out of 5, darling.' We clinked.
  2. Her thoughts crashed on those jagged rocks and scattered to bits and pieces, it was the rhythm that caught her off guard. So mundane.
  3. the rhythmic crash of waves soothed him. spread on the hammock he mused, we're specs of dust on the vast shoreline of history.
  4. spun with elemental fibres, tempered with the hammer of time - my undulating soul
  5. I'd describe her eyes as sea glass. Green and beautiful and cold and empty.
  6. swinging by the ocean, the love-chair seemed ideal for the rhythm method
  7. Woe the thoughts unsplintered by their words, woe the tides that sought no ships to doom.
  8. Let's cry oceans. Let's wave goodbyes.Let's hug our knees and sing to the skies. Sing. Until the night is gone. And the dusk is dawn.
  9. thanks : Prompts for hammock, rhythm, sea glass. tagging for . prev TS anthos here
  10. On the shore her story is written and unwritten, told and untold. Each forgotten chapter a jewel, a lifetime in search of oblivion.
  11. Prompts for from : hammock, rhythm, sea glass. Pls RT.
  12. He lay there by d sea/singing his favorite song/she waited for her turn on d hammock/then tsunami came/the rhythm was lost forever...
  13. Prompts for hammock, rhythm, sea glass. Passing on the baton to for ?


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