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Sunday, January 13, 2013


  1. The sound of the wind-chimes echoed.Years ago those windows of the house were opened.Dust covered & damp belongings saw light.
  2. Her words worked themselves out in the wrong order. First the apology, then the insult, then the letter.
  3. The ullu crashed in the wind-chime & fell on the floor howling. "I hate this season.Next winter, I'm going to the tropics", he whined
  4. Hear, hear the family; on reaching the milestone! May the bards be forever in your favor.
  5. bob, the parrot chimed bob-eve-bob, bob-eve-bob all day long. unaware eve had flown away.
  6. ..those long discussions on Freud,Manto and Mozart over a mug of coffee near the hearth. 2/2
  7. That coffee mug in the storeroom,like a wind-chime,clinked against the chest of her memories&out came dancing all those warm evenings
  8. The 7th grade English teacher started her fall semester with Palindromes & Anagrams. "Boob!" came an example from the backbenches.
  9. thanks Prompts for palindrome, season, wind-chime. Tagging for prev. anthos here
  10. "Was it a car or a cat I saw?" she was confused. So it was that time of the year again, he mused. It was not the season for lilacs
  11. "Aage peechey, upar neechey, aage peechey, upar neechey," chimed the child, rolling her beads. "Zindagi," smiled her mum.
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