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Saturday, January 12, 2013


  1. me and my food, me and my food- he chanted as she walked out of the house and he kept munching on the big macs lying on the couch!
  2. That clog in the sink. The plumber balked, and then bolted. So the rumours about the meat-loving hermit were true. Bloody. Blooody.
  3. Arman MotiWala outlived his entire circle by, not despite, out-eating, out-drinking & out-fornicating every last one of the memons.
  4. He'd label all the jars and then call them by their first names. Nutella, aka Nattu, always got a ribbon round the neck. True love.
  5. He admitted to eating all the things. The lack of company bored him, but food excited him to no end.
  6. "The fat doesn't lie, you know", he announced in a moment of epiphany, but there was nobody there to bear witness to this.
  7. tho the whipped cream & choc was making him quite nauseous, he ploughed on anyway, determined not to fly solo that night
  8. thanks@AfiaAsla prompts gluttony, true, alone. since no one is tagged ‏ for ? prev. anthos here ‏
  9. alone in dark, my heart pumped madly like a Shell drill in the Arctic. Time slowed, oozed, dripped, slipped like a truth
  10. it's factual truth that many of people are wanting joyous unions. this sort builds long-lasting bicycle path of life
  11. They could not get enough of each other. He with the voice of reason, she with her song of sorrow.
  12. Something shameful about the strength of her desire. He lies, she knows. That is what makes it worthwhile.
  13. Colonialism died the day her majesty was escorted out of Tiffany Apparel for insisting on giving her bust size in Imperial Gallons
  14. If you were alone in the house and ate all the Nutella, of course your sister would know it was you
  15. "That's not true! Gluttony is just greed!", the child cried."Watch the movie silently or go sit in your room alone",his mother bawled
  16. Were you there,the day autumn gorged the sun and constraint devoured freedom and disgust finished all desire? Did we hold hands?
  17. prompts for January 11th: gluttony, true, alone. Please RT.


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