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Friday, January 11, 2013


  1. Men were hidebound.Their attitude tickled her.The experiment failed.Exposure cldn't mend their ways.Not d salivatng dogs,they were.
  2. under cloak of piety the TTP stays away from the buxom blondes here. and salivating at the promised ones, as they go on rampage
  3. Fell in love with Louboutins,drooled over them.Last nail in the coffin of my hatred for capitalism. Not a hidebound Marxist anymore
  4. She was not in the habit of contemplating death. It will be over soon, she told herself, as the poison went slowly down his throat.
  5. Prompts for from : tickling, hidebound, saliva. Pls RT.
  6. The dogs found that when tickled, Mr Pavlov salivated. They put it down to years of enjoying having his hidebound and gagged in latex
  7. "Hath not a Pavlovian instinct? If you ring a bell, do we not salivate? If you tickle us, do we not kick?", the dog barked vehemently
  8. prompts are up thanks to : Tickling, Hidebound, Saliva cc please RT
  9. prompts Tickling, Hidebound, Saliva


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