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Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Haven't come across a better exegesis of the two-nation theory RT : Two wings and she was high on his words.
She is perfect in every way but her apple tarts taste peculiarly detached, Mama.
that short albanian woman who worked with sluts in slums was no siddharta wannabee. bodisattva, maybe? but who am i to judge?
thanks Prompts for : sumac, Siddhartha, slut. and since no one is tagged for .prev
Social context matters. The wise man learned it the hard way. He asked the villagers for a tart. They brought him a woman.
i found nirvana in passion's flower - a taste dominant and tart
Not allowed to rot I was, preserved like unesculent sun dried figs, not allowed to bleed white I was, shorn unshod of my naked thorns
senses strangled, bodies dangled - all too earthly are we
The Light found Tupac in Gotham city in a drivethru. A junkfood ho, he choked on a fry. The faithful vowed to sumacdonalds!
Shakyamuni, cried the za'atar scent of Amrapali's voice, what sutra bequeath this body a bordello yet this soul a monastery.
Lot of names suggested,he finalised Siddhartha.A new religion & life wid her waitn to happen.Only if she hadn't eloped wid d priest.
Two wings and she was high on his words.
Prompts for from : sumac, Siddhartha, slut. Pls RT.

"The way to a man's heart? A knife!" Mai mused, as she chopped, grinded, seasoned. Spices always made her stray from her Buddha-ism.
Prompts for : sumac, Siddhartha, slut. Knock yourselves out.


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