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Tuesday, January 08, 2013


He raged & cussed in vain when Igor ended up BBQing half of the organs he had carefully assembled 4 the BrideofFrankenstien
mayhem of thoughts and an anguished heart ... no salve nor succor ... is there a god?
bouncer to crowd. $50 cover charge is the sin tax not syntax for seeing ambisextrous wonder in action. pay up or hold your spleen.
The syntax of this moment isn't right, she thought as she clutched at her spleen, willing it to stay in until the ambulance arrived
The last generation grew up learning the syntax of hatred, splenetic spite and non-exclusive exclusion -- How could the centre hold?
thanks prompts for : spleen, succor, syntax. since no one is tagged prompts are yours:)
We advise minimum interaction, ontologies are kempt to a metadata, greater self-awareness leads to extreme ennui after every donation
It was easy for her to tear you to pieces with her fancy sentences. Being kind was a conceptual challenge.
Prompts for from : spleen, succor, syntax. Pls RT.
Alert sounded aftr d call/Turned out it was syntax error/he knew that calls were intercepted/said"Blew their minds,its Bomb..y man!"
All the Jedi in the world couldn't help Yoda speak properly. "Concentrate on the force choke, you should," he said angrily.
It went unnoticed for yrs/decided nvr to date a speech therapist/she pointed out d lacunae/attended a few sessions/but as a patient.
: "Is it my spleen, dr?" asked a worried Salma Succor. "No, I'm afraid it's worse. It's yr syntax."
prompts for : spleen, succor, syntax. please RT.


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