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Monday, January 07, 2013


If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we'd find in each man’s life a sorrow & suffering enough to disarm all hostility
In a parallel universe, Psyche befriended Puck. Poor Eros unwittingly went to Medusa instead. It was death at first sight.
she can foretell future traumas of her husbands in the ‘euphoric’ state of her bipolar disorder. Yes, even polyandry has its lows.
nationalism is an artificial contrivance, diverting fates to insubstantial ends
His childhood ethics were shaped up in fear of a beast called Karma. When the time came, his morals were as tragic a tale as theirs.
She was the culmination of a citadel’s sorrow; her voice indistinguishable from a dog’s, her name was Hecuba.
had Hamlet not intentionally stepped on a toad as a child, Ophelia's demise could have been avoided
Was on his way/goin away from everything/to escape d end/tragedy/a turn came/karma it was/turned around/it was time to head back home
thanks prompts - tragedy, psyche, karma. tagging for . previ anthos here
She gave him her secrets but not her name. As the waves claimed his broken body she asked herself if he had meant to hurt her.
Suffering from an early on-set of melancholia, she didn't care about life's great tragedies or believe in karma. Things just went on.
While there was cricket on TV, I heard Molière's Psyché was on Boston Ballet.I rushed to grab my coat & slipped a disc. Retired hurt.
his carnal mind, incessant mind games ... and a road to nowhere ... heaven and hell both here and now!
Greek tragedy meets Hindu metaphysics. Utter comedy.
Karma, a stillborn, blue as Shiva's throat, begotten when Psyche's pastel corpus was struck plunder by Tragedium's titan deceit.
Never trust anyone, Daniel, especially the people you admire. Those are the ones who will make you suffer the worst blows. C.R.Zafon
They say her heroes destroyed her.
i could only hope, as i sliced him open, that someone would be kind enough to do the same for me.
I have in you sowed my dissent to ripen and bare fruit in seasons, then if you were barren and infertile I have done no disservice


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