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Sunday, January 06, 2013


Alpha Male: A homo sapiens neanderthalinis who reckons the Delta Force and the Delta of Venus fall in the same genre.
'ee kaaa phi beta kappa karey ho bhaiyya. humka tou sriph alif laam meem janaiN ho.'
The activist could hear children in the park, clapping & shouting, "Start! Change! Be Quick!". "If only it was that easy", he sighed.
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expect not the words from my mouth; rather read the message in my eyes - i submit
This existential angst is a fine-structure aggregate; a collapse of false-consciousness into false-conscience
In the beginning was the word, then came the effing word processor, now everything is a cloying photo shop
The four medical students gathered around to hear the harlot's history of presenting illness: seven hundred lovers; just one orgasm.
it is plain that a bias can tilt the outcome of any given phenomenon
as the four horsemen saddle - up and the lonely shepherd lays his staff to rest, we all smell the shadow of death
her amorous desires took a dark turn ... the fraternity had a ritual more lethal than her wildest fantasy
He urged her to confess though she committed no crime. She looked for ways to condemn herself that were reversible.
"I didn't know u had pledged. Sorry but I can't stand fraternities," she said as she pulled the trigger.
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