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Saturday, January 05, 2013


Rebecca feared all along that she had made the wrong move; Friday was destined to be a trashy pop hit.
Late for d friday prayer/realising d faux pas,hasitated to get in/old man behind patted & said"Allah sees purity of heart."
The deadline was looming. Argument was heating. Tension was mounting. I ripped the papers apart swore at the management & left.
There were bombings & there were sectarian killings. He was condemned but he couldn't muster up courage to attend the Friday prayers.
it is no fun dying on a friday. or ANY day. damn those frustrated houri-seekers!
He flinched fruitioning foraged tweets.Forwarding forayed words in fleets.Flustered by the famous "Follow-Friday-Faux pas-Fear"
Last day of the year. Boss is happy. Then she saunters in and and we both get up to kiss her and I find, my gf is his wife.
'TGIF,Time away from the idiot' I screamed and the boss heard me.
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One step forward and three towards oblivion. Is this what it means to learn from one's mistakes?
She's gone. My fault. Now the table topped with fruit peels and dirty dishes sends shivers down my spine. Not the weekend I planned.
It could have been a good weekend.
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