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Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Ran away she did, far away from all the melodrama. No one noticed. No one heeded. But she was alive once more & that only mattered
tum nay mul'k bad'r kya / hum sehra navard hu'aye / t'ray ish'q nay kya kya sikhaya / aur hum kuch na samajh pa'aye
banished, punished, locked away - Australia's dirty little secret
scattered all over - from toronto, london, waziristan, uzbekistan, chechenya - islam induced perdition. you & me rudderless victims
thanks prompts from : exile, perdition and clandestine. tagging for .
she sat apart, surreptitiously damning herself with dreams of an eternal lover
Sartorially elegant embodiment of oratory, armed with the fetish of assertion, enter TuQ, riding the chariot of Lord Voldermort.
If this was life, he couldn't imagine perdition. Innate fear- the only driving force behind his faith.
You were lonely and forlorn. My heart went out to you. You smiled and told it to go back home.
His words rained upon her like a new life.
Prompts for from : exile, perdition, clandestine. Pls RT.


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