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Friday, December 28, 2012


"Baby, baby, baby, oohhh " Oops. Justin Beiber threw up on stage and suddenly it wasn't so dandy for his crushing female following
"Ain't loyal to no traditions, baby", said the alt-life-style artist, crushing weed with his fingers. "hum New Year's Adam manaye ga"
in praise of (loyal) older women: she was no cradle robber. she had a crush. married him 15 years later
The child was born of perfidy. All hope had died, all hope was vested in him.
Prompts for from : crush, loyal, baby. Pls RT.
Clearly growing up has crushed many a spirited loyal merry makers!
Wo kahin bhi gaya, lauta to mere paas aaya | Bass yahi baat hai achi mere harjaai ki
awwe, you have a little flame growing for baby BBZ? So cute, Pakistan.
thanks prompts: crush, loyal, baby. . tagging for .prev anthos: participate and RT
It's a childish little thing, this hope that one day it will work out/Hope that gets crushed with each sunset. Darkness becomes you.
Those piercing ice cold blue eyes always won her over, she knew something was amiss but her unflinching faith never let her falter.
See your face every place that I walk in/Hear your voice every time I am talking/ You will believe in me/And I will never be ignored


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