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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Ivy's adieu was simple: "I loved making tarts for you, and being kissed by you and getting whipped by you but my bruises now show."
I'll break into hives if you don't shut up. Just kiss and tell.
Replugging Prompts for mistletoe, poison ivy, strawberry fields and tagging for .
His special talent was to take something beautiful and make it ugly.
one fleeing glance / one fleeting embrace / make dreams last / dusk to dawn / but life is such an ivy
Prompts for from : mistletoe, poison ivy, strawberry fields. Pls RT.
She set the glass of champagne, a few strawberries on the side table & grabbed a book; fine living had nothing to do with being alone
his dreams of a kiss under the mistletoe, and dancing in strawberry fields a la bollywood, rudely got awoken enmeshed in poison ivy
like a vine my thoughts and worlds entangle, intricate dreams and tainted reality
poisonous lips idealize the martyr while ignoring the sacrifice


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