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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Even the harshest critics couldnt deter Tyra Banks from shaving off her locks & making FrootLoop wall hangings out of them
"I SO can't bank on you. You dont even have the balls to shave off your beard yet, and I hate hate hate it!" he yelled.
The bank was celebrating Bovember (as opposed to Movember), and the clerks were still having a ball
According 2 his wife, Anjem C, the Citiwanker, used unkempt facial hair 2 disguise his lack of testicular power.
the one-eyed, bearded heir apparent had the balls (and the petrodollars) to break the bank in monte carlo
under much pressure, Tiger simply misinterpreted sporting regulations regarding balls, bushes and birdies - states his sponsor
if Lorena had had the wisdom to patent her action, she'd be rich by now
'Don't laugh!" screamed Bluebeard, his temperature rising. it was the same every time.
Wiping of drool is strictly forbidden upon the pulpit. In case; have an acolyte gather the pulverized defluvium. We love our cats


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