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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


the first sip of that vodka martini brought back memories of her Dali moment - the supreme wonder of being loved for who she was.
drops of sunshine serpent through a murky green underworld / tainting, blurring the perimeters of the glass
i dreamt an unholy alliance of french catholics, spanish jews & the christian right planned to take over the world ... oh, wait.
It is hard to speak of love without the clichés of western civilisation. But, tell me, doesn't adultery smell of burnt moth wings?
The illustrations for the French 75 were drawn by de Chirico, not the other guy. Gala!
in keeping with tradition the Harvard bar menu is divided into 3 parts: For Whites; For Blacks; For 'Others'
: her bailey's cream mustache was more proustian than dalian. the kissing session was delectable
He mixed me some milk & that red elixir that washes the dirt off your soul.And it took me to the times when he was around. And alive.
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