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Friday, October 26, 2012


There was a town & a girl. There was a crime & a witness. There was a hunt & bureaucratic mishap. There was blood. There was fiction
The book lay open, its pages flipping wildly. She slammed it shut, flung it on the fire, and screamed to the smell of burning flesh.
"When nothing's forbidden, everyone's an angel", the politician explained. "There ARE no witnesses when everyone is a collaborator!"
in pre adam era, during a HFL final satan threw a hail mary caught by gabriel. there are no witnesses to corroborate
Even in the presence of Lucifer, Proles remained human and Thoughtcrime becomes death.
There was no window in his famished soul. In its pitch black darkness, he gnawed at his own self, since angels no longer cater Manna.
It is forbidden to speak the truth. Close your eyes, witness nothing and angels would smile down at you.
Those who saw the crash were sworn to secrecy. The only physical evidence found at the scene was a white feather.
"It is forbidden! It is forbidden!"..the thoughts danced in his mind vivaciously. By whom? he mused. I am no angel. and rose up.
Angel drifted & succumbed to ecstastic vibes casting his innocence away discovering the carnal pleasures all forbidden and temporal.
we shut our eyes, you and i, as we transgressed the morals bounds to a climax straight from heaven
overheard Gabriel at core angels conference: if adam was chinese he'd have eaten the snake. they'd still be in heaven.
the wise see it; the foolish feel it; the clever write it; the succesfull market it; but i didn't know it until my cherub was born
No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't access Azrael's list of dead-to-be. The warning kept popping up: "HTTP 403 Forbidden"
He watches me fall from grace, his favorite pastime. Time ticks on slowly; I know the beating of my heart will still. He isn’t mine.
Orifiel was in a jam. he knew the strict no dancing rule in heaven but he'd just seen Gabriel doing the soft-shoe bebop.does he tell?
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