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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Sound travels slower in air than in liquid. Thankfully,we don't live underwater.I'll take my moments of serenity where I can get them.
She gazed lazily in his eyes.The air flooded with luscious warmth. Words are the poorest form of expression. He would understand.
Payel main geet hain chhamm chhamm kay, tu laakh chalay ri gori thhumm thhumm kay
Their silence permeated the air. They used it skill fully, this silence, to communicate what screaming words had failed to convey.
It was the rhythm of the mundane that chalked his destiny. What he had thought special, was just noise lost to the air.
He lost his voice when a fever stilled the village. One sonic boom later, his neck sprouted gills. I'll sing with my mind, he mimed.
The air in the room vibrated with excitement. The new born cried oblivious to the glee of his parents
The first summer we spent, one will never forget. Now sleeping with sirens.
Falling can have grace, and failing too. RT and failing RT : a frission, a fusion, free falling in love
and failing RT : a frission, a fusion, free falling in love
a frission, a fusion, free falling in love
if polliticians could increase oxygen & decrease hydrogen in their expulsions, their words might have the energy to get off paper
As he spoke,her heart sang a li'll louder,her eyes sparkled a li'll more,her soul wafted further; till he said 'But I can't love you'
Beneath the façade an emptiness slowly filled with music. It sounded like the chatter of his lost soul.
Their final performance of 'Bittersweet Symphony' was extra-bitter. The drummer shot the lead and brought the song to an abrupt end.
Gusts of descending chaos stifled the vibes of harmonious & vibrant buzz that hung in the air in a frighteningly dejected shroud
'not a political poem': the fair heiress' verve / the cricketer's swerve / faux jounos' sweaty nerves / makes for ratings curve
his crime was missing her b'day. her verve! she paid eunuchs to wish him well. the cacophony did not go well in the upscale locale.
Beats of enthusiastic music filled the air with rhythmic energy as the mass blazed & danced in fiery passion
The sound of VervePipe's Freshmen drifted through the still autumn air as he downed another shot.Iwon't be held responsible,he hummed
He was advancing with all his youthful verve.Until the sound of gunshots filled the air & splatter of blood painted the world in red.
Through the sky I'm en route at the speed of sound, so realise the chaos in the air tonight.
The early winter breeze. Orchestrates the chorus of windchimes. My soul stirs. From the whiff of goat turds.
The silver sounds cut through the air and down comes the snow/ The feeling of letting go, I guess we'll never know.
the verve of his denials made him the probable perp of the odious fart enveloping us. luckily fr him the gunshot hd masked the sound
thanks:) Prompts for : verve; sound; air. Tagging for . antho. of prev. stories at
Siroun is the verve / within my voice and an air / around my mansions.


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